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Over a period of 25 years, Infield has been able to establish an envious record of expertise and versatility
in an exciting range of viticultural and agri-business ventures.

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Based in the idyllic Adelaide Hills Wine Region, Infield was founded by managing director, Tom Ayers, in the early 1990s.

Then known as Adelaide Hills Vineyard Contractors the company was at the forefront of vineyard establishment in this major cool climate region. In response to demand from local growers the company has also offered contracting and consulting services including harvesting, irrigation maintenance, vine spraying and a suitable portfolio of vineyard management packages.

In 2008 the company name was changed to Infield to reflect its expansion into agricultural and environmental consulting and management services.

Always innovative, Infield was the first company in SA to offer computer generated printouts to clients to monitor vineyard grape production. Also pioneering biological control in local vineyards, Infield was influential in recommendations being made to the Federal government for the introduction of these measures in vineyards. It was on the basis of this research that the company won a major national award in 2009 (WISA).

Today, after more than 25 years of providing viticultural and rural services, Infield has an envious record of expertise and experience to provide efficient, economical and first rate service for clients. While viticulture continues to be the company’s mainstay, Infield has again demonstrated its ability and versatility by taking on a variety of exciting new ventures with pleasing results for its customers.

As Infield continues to expand its portfolio of services, we are pleased to be able to provide clients with new business opportunities.

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