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Natural Fertilisers

Bringing Farm-fresh poultry manure to you:

Natural Fertilisers supplies straw based chicken manure in locations north of Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Riverland, York Peninsula and now to the Adelaide Hills.

Owner, Tom Ayers says that chicken litter is a rich source of organic carbon and nitrogen and contains trace elements commonly deficient in many cropping soils. It also provide for building reserves of carbon for improved water holding capacity and overall soil health.

Tom said, “and the cost of the product is less than that of conventional mineral fertilisers meaning significant cost savings especially if you have access to a suitable spreader”.

Initially the business supplied to broadacre farming but Tom says there is huge potential to its use in other areas, including viticulture and horticulture.

One satisfied customer, Ben Marshman, crops 2700 hectares near Owen in the mid-north, and sees the chicken litter that Natural Fertilisers supply as a convenient method of providing a blanket application of nutrients to his land. Growing bread wheat, beans, lentils and canola, Ben has used litter to even out yield variation across paddocks with good results.

Infield’s senior viticulturist Ben Cooke confirms similar results using chicken litter in the Adelaide Hills, including vineyards in Echunga, Clarendon, Balhannah and Forreston. Applied during winter, the product is broadcast in the mid-row and undervine.

“As both a soil conditioner and its range of enrichment properties, growers appreciate the value for money this product brings” Ben said, “And it is weed neutral”.

Natural Fertilisers has access to the litter all year round and with direct delivery, clients can have access to stockpiles and take advantage of farm gate prices. They also have a secialised spreader for hire.

All inquiries about sales should be directed to Mark Jones on 0417 853 032

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