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On the grapevine – Vintage 2017

With Infield’s last pick for the season now complete, I guess it’s safe to say that vintage is done and dusted.

Nationally, the harvest is still set to exceed last year’s and it’s pretty much the same experience in the Adelaide Hills.

There are rumours about that some young bucks have been seen dancing through the vineyards with beer in hand, while others are simply taking time off to catch up with sleep, family time and whatever else young bucks need time out for. And well-deserved too, given the long hours and unpredictability of the season.

As we know, vintage got off to a late start this year, the prolonged cool and wet spring conditions being touted as the reason for pushing vintage out into late autumn. Leading into late summer, the vines all had healthy canopies, promoted by yet more rain, with the side effect of increasing bunch weights and yields.

Adelaide Hills whites have probably fared slightly better then their counterparts¬†this season, with the catch cry of “fresh, acidic and aromatic” or “elegant and restrained”, depending on who you listen to. However, some of the reds didn’t experience enough sunshine hours to fully ripen, with a small quantity remaining unpicked on the vine.

Despite local predictions early in the season, Infield at least, had no fruit rejection through disease.

Cheers to all those who helped make Vintage 2017 such a resounding success.¬†Can’t wait to taste the end product.

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